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About the MOMS Club


The MOMS (MOMS Offering Moms Support) Club of Martinsburg is a non-profit support group designed just for you — the at-home mother of today!  All of our activities are geared to meet the needs of an at-home mother. We meet monthly and have a monthly calendar with a variety of activities — each month is different depending on the needs of the membership. Almost all of our activities are during the day, when mothers-at-home need the most support.  Children are always welcome at our activities. 

We have all types of moms in our group! We have everyone from experienced moms with several children, including older ones in school, to new moms that have just had their first child. We have moms that are home full-time, and moms that work part-time, and moms that work out of the home. We all do have one thing in common: Our children are our priority and we wish to gather with others that share this same priority. We are a non-discriminatory organization.

MOMS Club of Martinsburg is open to all moms who reside in Berkeley County, WV.  All members must pay annual membership dues of $15.  The MOMS Club of Martinsburg is a chapter of MOMS Club International1.


  1.  MOMS Club International is a non-profit organization with over 1,500 chapters and over 75,000  members in seven countries, including the United States.